The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.

- Matthew 13:44

About DIG

DIG is a Youth Bible Reading Program. It has been designed to help young people get started in reading and applying the Bible for themselves. There are 3 components to help the young people doing DIG. Best of all, Dig is free for you to download and use, and limited print copies are still available for free (just pay postage).

The Journal


The Journal contains all the info about the program, what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and frequently asked questions. It also provides "DIG Pages" for the young person to write on as they go through a particular passage.

The Level Cards


A young person doing DIG is up to a particular level. As they finish a level card (a card with a list of passages on it) they move to the next ones. There are currently 10 levels in the DIG program.

The Co-ordinator


The place to get these level cards from is the co-ordinator. This person is the go to person for the program and is there to encourage the young person as they go up the levels.



The program provides 3 main advantages over the general "just go and read your bible" method young people often attempt that leaves them lost in Leviticus more often than not.

1. Hand Picked Passages

The passages on the level cards in DIG are hand picked for people who are just starting out reading the Bible for themselves. They start with ones that are easier to understand and work their way up to a whole book of the Bible.

2. The DIG Method

The DIG method of unpacking a passage and applying it to life is to Dive in, Inspect and Grow. It is a simple way of getting stuck into a passage and applying life.

3. Regular Encouragement

It isn't easy to get started in the Bible for young people, encouragement is important, and in most cases even necessary for a long lasting habit to form. The regular coordinator contact is designed to provide this encouragement.



The creation of DIG has been a team effort. The concept was created by the FOREST LAKE BAPTIST CHURCH, it was designed by METAGRAPHICS and funded by BAPLINK - a ministry of QLD BAPTISTS





If you haven't been able to source a print copy of DIG, you can download and use these files as you see fit. You could even get yourself or your youth group/church group a batch printed for yourselves.

DIG Journal

Part 1 - Front Cover - Size = 4MB
Part 2 - Intro Pages - Size = 8MB
Part 3 - Blank DIG Page - Size = 3MB
Part 4 - Back Cover - Size = 2MB

DIG Level Cards

DIG Level 1 Card Front - Size = 1.5MB
DIG Level 2 Card Front - Size = 1.5MB
DIG Level 3 Card Front - Size = 1.5MB
DIG Level 4 Card Front - Size = 1.5MB
DIG Level 5 Card Front - Size = 1.5MB
DIG Level 6 Card Front - Size = 1MB
DIG Level 7 Card Front - Size = 1MB
DIG Level 8 Card Front - Size = 1MB
DIG Level 9 Card Front - Size = 1MB
DIG Level 10 Card Front - Size = 1MB
DIG Level Card Back - Size = 1MB

DIG Coordinators

DIG Coordinator Guide - Size = 150Kb

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about DIG then contact QBYouth here. If interested in receiving some print copies for your youth or church, please fill in this form below with the details.